Kalimba Music

I always have felt like there was nothing I couldn’t do in this world. That with practice and perseverance, anything was possible. But the one thing I know for sure and what I will absolutely never deny is the fact that I cannot hold a note to save my life. And believe me, If I could sing, I would never shut up. So instead, I play the kalimba!

“My Heart Will Go On”
“Colors of the Wind”

Photo bookS

I’m always looking to try new things and develop new skills… mostly random ones! Here a some things I’m doing now and other things I hope to do in the future!

Building photo books is one of the most recent things I’ve taken up! I had so many pictures in my phone and on my camera that could be lost in one touch of a button or drop on the pavement. Printing my pictures out and having a physical copy of them made me feel so much better. I like to write little notes on the back or to the side of the photos as well to give me reference and remind me why they were important. I will keep these forever!


I started crocheting in 2018 as a way to pass time during the summer. So far I’ve made dresses, cute summer tops, skirts and a sweater. And each time I do it, I get better! There are so many tutorials on YouTube if you want to learn. It’s really easy and fun. More recently, I’ve got into making baby things! They make the cutest gifts!